Accessibility statement

Aachen University of Applied Sciences is committed to making this website accessible in accordance with national legislation implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

The following accessibility statement documents the implementation status for the domain you are currently on, in accordance with the Ordinance on the Creation of Barrier-Free Information Technology under the Disability Equality Act of North Rhine-Westphalia and refers to the test result of the self-assessment in accordance with the BITV test procedure.
The review of this website is carried out continuously via random sampling. Conformity can only be determined for individual pages. In order to make a statement about the conformity of the entire website, all individual web pages belonging to the website would have to be tested. This is not practicable for large websites. However, testing a representative selection of pages, i.e. a selection of pages that covers all potential barriers as far as possible, allows us to conclude on the accessibility of the website as a whole.

Status of compatibility with requirements

This website is currently largely compliant with the above guidelines. Accessibility has been considered by us in the past during development, but certain parts may still have barriers, for example in relation to newer accessibility requirements. We plan to make this website compliant with the requirements above.

We plan to fundamentally revise this website in 2021. In this context, we will review the redesigned site according to currently valid guidelines to ensure the fullest possible compliance.

Non-accessible content

The contents listed below are not barrier-free:

Despite all due care, words and sections of text may be in a different language and may not be appropriately labelled. Furthermore, accessibility cannot be guaranteed for content from other sources such as external databases. In addition, no accessibility can be guaranteed for internally linked PDF documents uploaded via our content management system.

Creation of the declaration

This statement was created in January 2021. We determine the level of accessibility through our own assessment.

Feedback and contact details

If you notice accessibility deficiencies in our digital offerings, you can report them to us:

Fachhochschule Aachen
Team Barrierefreie Software
Bayernallee 11
52066 Aachen

Members of the university also have a contact form available for reporting.

We will attempt to remedy any deficiencies reported or provide you with accessible information that is not accessible.

Enforcement procedures

If you have not received a satisfactory response to accessibility notices or requests within six weeks, you can involve the Ombudsman's Office for Accessible Information Technology. It is assigned to the Commissioner for the Interests of People with Disabilities according to § 11 of the Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Act of North Rhine-Westphalia. If you wish to have an ombudsman procedure, please fill out the corresponding application and send it by post or e-mail to the ombudsman's office:

Ombudsstelle für barrierefreie Informationstechnik des
Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen bei der Landesbeauftragten
für Menschen mit Behinderungen

Fürstenwall 25
40219 Düsseldorf


Visual assistance software

This website uses the Eye-Able® software from Web Inclusion GmbH to provide users with a barrier-reduced view of the visual content. Eye-Able® helps to adapt the website to the individual needs of visitors. The functional scope of Eye-Able® includes:

  • an adaptive font enlargement,
  • free adjustment of colour contrasts,
  • a read aloud function with integrated keyboard navigation,
  • a blue filter,
  • a night mode,
  • an instant view to link several functions,
  • a compensation of colour weaknesses as well as
  • other functions for an individual view of the website such as a larger mouse pointer, sans-serif font as well as the hiding of images, animations and sound
  • .

For operation, the associated menu can be opened by clicking on the Eye- Able® icon or with the keyboard shortcut "ALT + 1". All functions can also be controlled with the keyboard (instruction via "ALT + F1"). More information can be found at: